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Thinkbinder: Create & Organize Study Groups Online

If you are thinking of starting a study group online then you should try out Thinkbinder. This website builds a social-like platform for study groups to share files, post ideas and status updates, collaborate, and just keeping in touch.

organize study groups

Creating a study group with Thinkbinder takes less than a minute. Then, you will find a dashboard where you can post your news feeds, upload files, and share ideas on a whiteboard. You can invite friends through e-mail and once they are all in, you can collaborate through video chat, private messages, and more. Anyone can join the group as long as they know the code to your study group.

Thinkbinder also lets you post stuff from the web using the Bind bookmarklet. This helps students in clipping, referencing, or sharing resources that members in the group can learn from. And while this tool is designed for study groups, it finds more mileage in other uses like meetings, as a private group network, or even as a tool for teachers.


  • Start your study group.
  • Use the Bind bookmark button to share with study group.
  • Add buddies and start a video chat.
  • Add status to your news feed.
  • Share files and post in whiteboard.
  • Join study group by entering the code.
  • Similar Tools:  OpenStudy, P2PU, and Khan Academy.

Check out Thinkbinder

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