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Set Up Multiple Alarms & Timers

If you are tired of using the classical single use alarm clocks, try out WatchMe that may be used to set and keep track of multiple alarms at the same time. This saves you the hassle of setting new alarms every time.

You can set multiple tasks ahead of time in order to ensure that you accomplish most of them before the alarm reminds you to do so.

With WatchMe, you cannot only set multiple alarms, but the tool also allows you to organize them in different tabs for different purposes. To use the program, just open it, name the task you want to be reminded of, set the timer and start it whenever you wish.

When the timer runs out, the user will be notified of the task along with a brief description of the task, if you wrote one during its creation.


  • Set multiple alarms and timers.
  • Organize alarms by managing them in different groups, etc.
  • Changing format of timer.
  • No need to install program – execute and run.

Check out WatchMe

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