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Dual Language Search Engine

If you speak two languages and browse websites in both, then you need a search engine that is able to provide you with results in both languages you speak. Here to offer such a search feature is a web service called Sobotong.

Sobotong is a free to use search engine that lets you search for items in two different languages. You use the site like any other search engine; the only difference is that you specify two languages to go along your query. A wide list of languages is supported by the site. Your search results are displayed in the first language you select, with the translated query on top.

You can click on the translated query and make search results appear in the second language that you had selected.

From the left pane of the search panel you can select the type of item you are searching for example, news, movies, RSS feeds, software, etc.


  • A user-friendly web service. Lets you search the web for queries.
  • Lets you specify 2 languages for searches.
  • Supports various types of searches e.g. news, videos, software, etc.
  • Similar tools: 2Lingual.

Check out sobotong

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